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 Jailbreak Server RULES !!

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PostSubject: Jailbreak Server RULES !!    Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:59 am

Mafia Jailbreak Mod:

- Guard - Gives commands to Prisoners and sets up games for them. Watches over the Prisoners for rebellers.
- Prisoner - A Prisoner is in Jail and must adhere to all commands given by the guards, or you may rebel.
- Rebelling - When a Prisoner does not follow commands, also attempts to kill a Guard.
- Freekill - When a Prisoner is killed by a Guard for no reason when the Prisoner was following commands.
- /shop System - In the beginning of a round the Prisoners are allowed Shop for Items to help them rebel. You gain points by killing a Guard. 1 Point - Killing A Guard & 2 Points - Killing a Guard with a headshot. (May not shop after cell doors open.)
- Gun Menu - Guards have a Gun Menu at the beginning of the round to choose their weapon. (May not choose after cell doors open.

Basic Rules:

1) Do not freekill prisoners. Freekilling will result in a freeday for the prisoner. /glow is the command to give a prisoner a freeday. DO NOT ABUSE THE GLOW COMMAND OR IT WILL RESULT IN A BAN!
2) Before the cells are opened, if the Officer to Prisoner ratio is less than 1:2, it’s an unrestricted freeday.
3) Opening days commands for cage days may only have prisoners going to/staying in the cage, and nothing else (i.e. no excessive rules like be on a spray on a table, etc...)
3) Prisoners can be killed if they are not following commands, rebelling, aiming their gun at a CT . NO WARNING SHOTS!
4) If the cells aren't opened before 8:00, it's an unrestricted freeday.
5) You must have a mic and know the rules to go CT.
6) The gunroom and vents are ALWAYS restricted (Officers are not allowed to camp these areas.)
7) Officers can not break any vents unless they hear/see a terrorist inside, and they may only enter/leave a previously opened vent.
Cool Officers are not allowed to give prisoners weapons unless they are doing a game where a weapon is required.
9) The Cage and Cell Hallways are free zones.
12) If you NEVER saw it, it NEVER happened!
13) An officer that is taunting a prisoner may be killed by that same prisoner without any consequences.
14) If there is more than one prisoner left alive at 0:00, it's an unrestricted freeday.
15) Officers can only restrict up to 2 rooms on Restricted Freedays. Rooms that are next to each other can not be restricted, nor hallways.
16) If an officer enters the cell area (Inside the cell(s), or the cell hallways) or pool, they can be killed for taunting ,only if the terrorists are required to be there, until they are well out of knifing range.)
17) Snitching out your own teammate(s) is not allowed. THIS INCLUDES VENT OR ANY FORM OF COMMUNICATION!
18) Excessive bitching/complaining about a freeday will result in a ban.
19) Officers can only repeat a Day’s Game/Event up to 3 times in a row.
20) Only one officer at a time should be giving commands. DO NOT talk over an officer giving commands!
21) A Countdown should be given at a reasonable pace (Example. 5.....4.....3.....2.....1.....0)
22) Officers must give prisoners a reasonable amount of time to reach destinations.
23) Racism is NOT allowed.
24) The only times countdowns are NOT required are on opening day commands, freeze commands, and commands that take you from one destination to another. You must countdown for them to FINISH the command.
25) If prisoners are not required to be in a room/area, officers may not camp there.
26) LOOPHOLING IS NOT ALLOWED!!! This goes for T's & CT's!!!! (T Ex: Go to the cage, and you only run TO IT, not IN IT.) (CT Ex: Leaving the table is not considered by T's JUMPING. If they leave the table by getting on the cement or bench or any other place that is not the table, then they can be killed.)

Simon Says Rules:

1) Can only be called when the majority of prisoners are in the cage.
2) When one officer calls out "Simon says I'm Simon," he is Simon, and no one else should be talking but
that officer, unless you're enforcing a command.
3) If another officer gives a Simon command and you get killed, it's a freekill.
4) The proper way to end Simon is, "Simon says Simon says is over".
5) Simon says commands are required to have count downs from 5 to 0 (zero).
6) Simon says is a cage game and shall only be played in the cage, unless you are taking the Prisoners to one other place from the cage. When you reach that place, you must end Simon Says.

Last Request Standard Rules:

1) During /lr, The Prisoner always goes first unless he/she states otherwise.
2) Prisoners have 20 secs to begin /lr (Last Request) otherwise they are considered to be rebelling and may be killed. A Officer must tell the Prisoner "you have 20 seconds to LR".
3) When the result is decided as a tie during Last Request, the two competitors will knife it out to decide a final winner.
4) If a player in last request picks up a gun during /lr, that player may be killed.
6) If the rules are custom, the officer must agree to the rules, otherwise it cannot happen.
7) If officers not involved in the /lr interfere, they may be killed by the terrorist.
Cool If the prisoner gives no rules during /lr, it is automatically standard rules.

Last Request Game Rules:

1) 1 on 1 Knife: The Prisoner & Guard will knife it out immediatley or the Prisoner may choose a place to knife.
2) Shot 4 Shot: This is done across the pool, the prisoner goes first unless stated otherwise. You take turn shooting at the opponent.
3) Race: This is done on the deathrun as the Prisoner & Guard race across while another Guard hits the buttons. Or you may choose to race somewhere else.
4) Gun Toss: Done in the pool, Prisoner & Guard throw the gun long-ways in the pool before touching the water. The farthest throw wins.
5) Spray Contest: Highest or lowest spray. Standard rules is lowest or highest spray possible. Must state wall and lowest or highest.
6) Grenade Duel: Unlimited nades for Prisoner & guard chosen, nade-it-out!
7) Suicide Bomber: Exactly as it sounds, you are a Taliban looking to kill the Guards, as soon as you get close enough, ALALALALALALA!
Cool Shotgun Duel: Prisoner & Guard both have 500HP and duel it out.
9) Scout Duel: Lowered Gravity, Prisoner & Guard Scout-It-Out!
10) Rambo: You get 100HP, plus another 100HP PER GUARD ALIVE, you also get a random gun. GUARDS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WALL! Try to kill all Guards or be killed!

Please follow all rules, we have more bans in Jailbreak Mod than any other servers. All questions about rules may be directed towards ABC Studios. (You can reach him on vent.) There is no questioning a Head-Admin. If you have any problems with any admins in Jailbreak or any server of Mafia, please visit our site at http://www.Mafia-Community.tk - Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Jailbreak Server RULES !!    Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:49 pm

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Jailbreak Server RULES !!
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